4 Random Thoughts That Are Blowing My Friggin’ Mind

Read these and prosper.

Anthony J. Yeung
6 min readSep 17, 2022


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Lately, I’ve been in a pensive mood.

I blame the summertime.

During the past few gloriously sunny months, I relocated and lived in some of my favorite cities—Wien and Warszawa—and I found a new one (Rīga).

I met some cool people, soaked up some amazing weather, and spent my time reading, drinking lots of coffee, doing client projects (I was helping rebrand a very well-known fitness supplement company), taking trips (Estonia was one of my favorites), and much more.

Yet when I’m living life, I don’t write as much—that’s just how I am.

The more time I spend on social media and electronic devices, the less I’m living life and vice versa.

Now, I’m back in Croatia and enjoying špica so I wanted to share the very best discoveries from the past few months—the ones that have been blowing my mind.

I hope they blow your mind too.

Some People Just Don’t Want a Good Thing

In The Big Leap by Dr. Gay Hendricks, there’s a concept called “deflection,” which I jokingly refer to as “the Asian-American experience.”

Basically, anytime someone gives you a compliment, you sheepishly “deflect it” with comments like, “Oh, I just got lucky, I hope they didn’t see how I messed up, etc.”

“Deflection keeps the positive energy from landing, being received, and being acknowledged.”

— Dr. Gay Hendricks

On the surface, it looks like you’re being humble instead of arrogant.

But in reality, it really shows you’re not able to accept a genuine compliment or praise. It shows you don’t feel comfortable feeling good about yourself. (It’s also annoying as f*ck to people who compliment you.)

But it goes beyond compliments.

What about all the good things in life that are right on your doorstep?

A lot of people get so damn close to all the things they ever want—and then they self-sabotage and lose it because they…



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