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  • Craig K. Collins

    Craig K. Collins

    Author of Midair (Lyons Press, 2016) and Thunder in the Mountains (Lyons Press, 2014). At work on a novel, as well as a book of historical non-fiction.

  • Dana Wood

    Dana Wood

    Former Condé Nast(er), now contributor to NY Post, Insider’s Guide to Spas + more. Intrepid beauty + wellness truth-teller. https://www.danawoodwriter.com

  • Lyuba Golovina

    Lyuba Golovina

    Russian Californian based in Barcelona • Professional Copywriter writing about self-improvement, marketing & personal growth • 2X Top Writer

  • Stella C. Vark

    Stella C. Vark

    Editor for Wholistique. My goal in life is to write about the many facets of happiness — love, health, compassion, self-knowledge, and personal fulfillment.

  • Adrian Drew

    Adrian Drew

    Owner of Mind Cafe | Let’s chat on Instagram: @adriandrew__

  • Don Johnson

    Don Johnson

    Writer | Former Monk and Meditation Instructor | Human Potential Coach | Connect with me here: www.bemoreconscious.com

  • Bill Lennan

    Bill Lennan

    Mental wellness fan. Ardent believer in effort. Parent, partner, persistent, physical. Co-Founder The HAERT™ Program. DBT is awesome :-)

  • Dagmar Van Gucht

    Dagmar Van Gucht

    Business psychologist who writes about holistic self-growth: mind, body, spirit, and work.

  • Benjamin Sledge

    Benjamin Sledge

    Author | Combat wounded veteran | Mental health specialist | Former geopol intel | My new book—Where Cowards Go to Die—is available here: https://amz.run/5GAb

  • Natalya Permyakova

    Natalya Permyakova

    Location-independent entrepreneur, founder of life design studio Life Startup, HBR contributor. I write about designing and living life on your terms.

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